Thursday, June 16, 2011


"Although our house is entirely baby-proofed and filled with a veritable smorgasbord of toys, she wants exactly what she can’t have. If it can maim or kill her, if it contains red wine or hot coffee and can be spilled on a carpet, a piece of electronic equipment or her head, if it can destroy a plant or some small piece of our adult happiness, she wants it."

Read this quote in a magazine- cracked me up!  Ethan is the same exact way!  Homeboy's naughty escapades include (but are not limited to): joyfully dumping Buddy's water bowl all over the floor and/or all over himself, and splashing in the aftermath -- shattering a glass (he pulled up on the side table, which had previously been way too tall for him, outta nowhere!) -- dumping out and playing in the contents of small trashcans -- trying to climb into the refrigerator and dishwasher -- secretly munching on remnants of charcoal from outdoor grill (found on patio)-- finding a tiny, mostly empty bottle of lotion, unscrewing its top, and smearing its contents all over himself...  you get the idea!

And lest you fear for Ethan's well-being (and before you get the phone to alert DFCS!), let me assure you, I have been right there for every single one of these events!  That's what's so impressive/amusing/crazy about it- it's not as though I ran out to my car for something, or went to check the mail.  These things happen  when I've just turned my back, or have walked out of the room to do something superquick, like put something in the dishwasher.  Little man is a ninja when it comes to trouble-making!  He certainly keeps me on my toes, but life with him is such a joy- wouldn't have it any other way!

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