Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some pictures of my sweet boy, in no particular order

Apparently, Ethan is a fellow tooth-brushing fanatic?! He gets it from me- I won "Best Brusher Award" many times at my orthodontist's office.  Can't believe I just bragged about that. HA! 

This mischievous little devil  found the extra Easter grass in a SEALED Ziploc bag, in a SEALED  gift-wrap box.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked in and saw this!  He was so proud of himself, and I was pretty impressed!! :-)

This picture makes me giggle.  What a FACE!  Still don't know what that expression is!  Also, this shows his love of dog toys, which he prefers to his own.

This was the first time Ethan ran a high fever.  He randomly got a 103-104 degree fever in the middle of the afternoon one day, and battled it for about 4 days.  The fever was the only symptom, and the doctors couldn't figure out what the deal was.  Anyhow, we knew he wasn't feeling like himself because he was sleepy and cuddly, which is SO not like him.  He's normally a little whirlwind of activity.  Even though I hate that he was sick, I love this picture.  Seeing Clay with our son like this makes my heart just swell.

Another mischievous look.  Cups are one of his favorite things to play with.  They roll across the floor (and he chases), and they echo when he "talks" into them.  He also likes to drink from them (when we're helping).

My happy boy!

Lots of pictures look like this because he's always on the go!  He's gotten everything down except for independent walking.

Shielding himself from the mommarazzi! ;-) 

It absolutely thrills me that Ethan enjoys reading!  The book above, Toes, Ears, and Nose is one of his favorites these days.  He loves to look at books on his own, and loves to be read to- it's pretty much the only way I can get in any snuggle time, because he will not sit still while being held otherwise!  I really hope he continues to enjoy books, because I sure do!

Ethan is into appliances.  Well, I should rephrase that- Ethan likes trying to GET INTO appliances.  He tries to climb into the dishwasher and fridge every single time they're opened.  I'm a fanatic about keeping him away from the stove, or I'm sure he'd be all over that too!  Perhaps this means he'll enjoy doing the dishes one day?  I hope so!

Look at that face- ferocious!  I've never seen a kid eat the way Ethan does!  As my mom says, "That kid can put away some groceries!"  Everyone remarks on it.  Homeboy has never met a food he doesn't like, and if you are eating in front of him, you'd better be prepared to share, or you're going to hear about it!  It's crazy- he stole a cupcake from the baby he sat next to at his friend Raleigh's first birthday party.  He regularly takes Puffs away from the kids he sits next to in Sunday School.  I promise, he eats at home, but he's still a little food bandit!  And he has never stopped eating on his own- it's only been when the food has run out.  And let me tell you, if the food runs out before he's ready to stop, he'll yell until he gets more! Maybe he has a hollow leg?!  Now that he's getting teeth, there's going to be no holding him back!


  1. You're a slacker blogger too? Have you ever visited North Augusta SC? Would you consider moving? I just know that we would love hanging out all the time!

  2. LOL, I haven't ever been, but my guess is it would beat Albany! :-) Unfortunately, although baby mama is not a place-bound job, my husband's is...so here we are! Maybe I'll make Jay bring me up for a girl's weekend! :-)

  3. I am alllll for the girl's weekend! I know that y'all would love each other!

    ....um, and miss thang --- that face that he is making in the dog toy picture is totally a YOU face!!!!! :)

  4. I am missing out and wish I lived closer to see him on a regular basis. Gran was saying the other day how she was blessed to see you & Rachel grow up and all the things you did together. It wasn't monumental things but little things that endear your memories for a lifetime. The toast from the oven & hot cocoa, baking cookies, making doughnuts, painting, dress up. It was her watching you when you were sick and I had to work. You don't know the relief I had knowing that someone just as loving, just as qualified if not more than me caring for you. I just wanna say that I love you, Clay & now Ethan more that I can express in actions or words. I am gonna coin a phrase from "Hope Floats"... "My cup runeth over". Love you, mom a.k.a. Mimi, my best title ever.